A wyvern is a huge winged lizard with a stinging tail and sharp teeth. They have dark brown or grey bodies, around 15' (4.6m) in length, weighing around a ton. They are not greatly intelligent although they do speak a form of Draconic. They are not averse to attacking anything less powerful than themselves

Wyverns are sometimes controlled as mounts.

On the scale of Dragon size, a wyvern is the third-largest of their kind, only beaten by the Drake and the Dragon. The main difference between Wyverns and others of the family of dragons is that Wyverns have no breath-weapon.


Male wyverns prefer high places upon which to create their nests and will take over miles of territory which they mark as their own. They are more sedintary than female wyverns.


When Wyvern feel the urge to mate, a male wyvern will find a spot within their claimed lands to decorate so as to attract a female. Should the female decide that the site is suitable for her clutch, she will mate with the male and remain with him until the clutch has hatched.


Male wyverns are larger and have more spikes on their body even when they emerge from their eggs. As soon as males emerge from their eggs they will do their best to leave the nesting area as fast as they can. Adult male wyverns will tend to kill any other males as potential rivals for mates. Female hatchlings will impress upon the first friendly being that they see. Normally this is the mother that feeds them and they will leave with her once they're old enough.

Within a given clutch there will be 2-4 males and 6-8 females.


Males will feel the urge to go into rut around their sixth year but will not be able to successfully mate until 10. Female wyverns will not go into their mating flights until their 8th year. An average Wyvern can live until around 30 years.


Wyverns can be ridden as early as 2 years but aren't able to keep up with steady flight or aerial combat until their third or fourth year.


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