Wyld Gates, or Random Gates , are essentially the same thing as a Witch gate although something has happened to damage it and therefore the destination is often random. They still function in much the same way (located on an Arcane Pathway) but unlike Witchgates, only the entrance is set.

Someone who enters a Wyld gate may end up in a totally random location throughout Arland. Additionally, Wyldg ates activate with equal randomness. Some are only active as the first light of dawn strikes them and are active for only a few seconds.

One of the primary differences between Witchgates and Wyldgates is that Wyldgates are constantly drawing energy and storing it up for when it activates. Because of this the distance that one can travel by stepping through a Wyld gate is much larger than that possible within a functional witch gate.

Known Wyldgates

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