The Blade, the Will and the Scroll

The Watchers are an enigmatic trio who have appeared several times in Arland history, generally before a major war.

The first recorded 'visitation' is recorded in the Gizadi Record during the First Age. It is thought that the Watchers first impressed upon the Gnomish followers of Gizad  the need to record their history in a more permanent form than songs and stories.

Whether the Watchers taught the Gnomes how to write or if it Gizad remains uncertain.

Watchers and the Gizadi Record

The Watchers have appeared several times throughout the Gizadi Record and will often trade knowledge and craft in exchange for access to the Gizadi Record as though they were searching for something within Arland's history. Whenever they appear there is always a visible 'Silver Gate ' near by that they use to leave. 

The Members

The Watchers have, over time, identified themselves as "The Blade", "The Will" and "The Scroll" though they seem to find the need for names or labels too simplistic. 

The Blade is known by his polearm-like weapon that he carries.

The Will carries no weapons though has been seen to carry two scroll cases at his belt.

The Scroll carries a large scroll or map with him at all times. 

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