The War of Tears lasted for nearly four years( between -4029 KR and -4025 KR ) and known for its seperating the Elven nation into three distinct peoples.

The Begining

The War of Tears began as a problem between the Crysanari and the Solonari / Malanari peoples concerning the use of Arcane magic. The Crysanari felt that elves should not dabble with the flows of arcane energy and the Malanari were curious to a fault. With the Sylvanari as a mediating force, it was only a matter of time before the two opposing factions came to fighting and elf would kill elf for the first and last time.

The Middle

With the Crysanari on their Golden Griffons launching attacks against the Solonari outposts to draw them into open conflict, it was only a matter of time before the 'Shining Ones' turned their knowledge of Arcane Energy against their own people. For the first time in recorded elven history - Elf would kill Elf. The Solonari plucked the Crysanari out of the sky with no more effort than one would swat a fly. In retaliation for their huge losses, the Crysanari leaders planned a final strike against the leadership of the Solonari. They were successful. The leader of the Solonari, their Speaker, was killed in a Crysanari ambush while surveying the damages that they had caused to an outpost. Shando Star-Born, leader of the Solonari was killed by a Crysanari arrow shot by Talos Sunwalker.

The Solonari did not start the war - but they would end it.

...until the Sylvanari stepped in.

The Aftermath

At the end of the war the Crysanari decided to leave their forest home to the vast Ivory Plains to the west rather than remain with the Sylvanari who were, in their mind, embracing its use amongst their cousins, the Solonari.

The Solonari not wishing to involve their cousins with their new talents also decided to leave and settle in the south of the Grandfather Mountain.

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