War Golems were created by Gnomes in the days when Renezah invaded from the northern reaches at the start of the Hennite Record.

War Golems of the Gnomes

War Golems were massive constructs that stood nearly eight feet tall and were often equipped with weapon and shield to do battle with the Frost Giants that invaded the south.

The process of creating the war golems was a synthesis of the Gnomish civilization. The Berkeron forged the armored shells. The Ulevar brewed the alchemical fluids that ran through the machine like blood and the Gizeryl channeled magic into its heart to bring it to life. The secret of their construction was not known by all but rather to a select few within each race so that no one would have the process to themselves.

Once the forces of Renezah were driven back, the process of creating War Golems was removed from every record and only those select few within each of the Gnomish race would have the knowledge.

War Golems amongst the Humans

The secret of creating golems has been kept from the humans but golems have been gifted to a few over the years. 

Most notably are the eight war golems which guard the gates to the city of Koraj. These eight, two per each gate, remain inactive until activated by the War Crown

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