Vorgus Belir
Important Information
Race Human
Ethnicity Arness
Class ,
Faith Huran
Date of Birth
Date of Death death
Allegiance Belirat
Family House of Belir
Friends  ?

A member of the House of Belir


A Baron of the South Marches, Barony of Belirat, he is most commonly known for his almost obscene display of wealth and decadence. Though his people may live in poverty and squalor, he encourages his counts not to see to the needs of the populace but rather rule them with an iron fist.

Many barons enjoy some of the freedoms that Baron Belir encourages but few know of the Baron’s deeper corruption. Being a devout follower of (Evil God), he enjoys forcing his slaves into acts of butchery and murderous lust to slake his voyeuristic pleasures.

The Baron’s interest in creating such fantasies is well within the scope of an addiction. Those in his court and even those who travel within the political circles of the South Marches know that if he has not rid himself of his ‘urges’ in a few days that he will be anxious and unable to focus on the details of his realm. Though most assume it is simply an addiction to observing the sexual relations between young men and women, it is not publicly known that his addictions run darker.