Vensi is a curative elixir created from the Vendu barries found only in the Great Green Sea. Originally manufactured by the Hanabril of the Southlands, its production has now become an industry along the cliffs edge at the Great Falls.

The iconic green glass vials are made with thick walls to prevent accidental breakage and contains only a thimble-full of the juice; enough for one dose. In the markets of Tor Gizad and Barons Gate  the elixir will easily fetch a price of one-hundred gold crown.


Vensi is an alchemical product not found within the human lands until 1175 KR and then only in small numbers. Vensi is considered to be the driving force for human exploration into the Great Green Sea and a primary motivator for the human development of Airship technology. 


Vensi can cure any disease, malady, fever or illness. It can restore life to someone at the very brink of death and can restore youth and vigor to the elderly; removing ten years of the aging. After a month has passed, the effects will fade and time will catch up with the person. By the end of the second month they will be returned, both in appearance and effect, to their true age.


Continued or prolonged use of vensi has rather drastic side-effects. Taking the elixir when uninjured has a price. At first the drinker will appear young and full of energy but after the third consecutive dose their skin will start to roughen and their joints will start to stiffen. Continued use will cause the skin to grow calloused and harden into something more akin to bark as the joints will slow and freeze until the person eventually is transformed into a tree.

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