[[Symbol of Uthrum|250px]]
Holy Symbol
Important Information
Title The World Forger
Rank Overgod
Servants {{{minions}}}
Dominion The Something place of healing
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Sphere {{{sphere}}}
Portfolio All
Worshipers None
Followers Alignment
Domains All
Allegiance {{{allegiance}}}


Uthrum is the Overgod of the world. As Overgod, all deities (and primordials) (even those who also operate in other spheres and planes such as Maladon) are subject to him. If it were not for Uthrum's involvement in the Time of Troubles, he would most likely be forgotten by mortalkind. Uthrum does not want to be known, for cults once dedicated to him have died out millenia ago, and Uthrum's name is only vaguely mentioned in the written records. What goes on in the world and what the other deities do are of no concern to Uthrum, as long as the deities uphold their individual portfolios and do not completely ignore their worshipers.[1]

In addition, unlike the other gods under him, Uthrum has no need for worshipers whatsoever, whereas those "normal" gods who do not receive the worship of mortals can "die" from lack of worship. Uthrum initiated this after the Time of Troubles in order to enforce his will that the gods act like guardians of the Balance rather than kings of mortals.

The Elder Gods

See Article, "The History of the Elder Gods" for more information.

The Greater Gods

See Article, "The History of the Greater Gods for more information.

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