Natural humanoid

Natural humanoid

Average Height

5'6" - 6'2"

Average Weight

135 - 220 lbs

Skin Color

Pale to dark brown

Hair Color

Red, blond, brown, black; usually turning gray or white with age

Eye Color

Blue, brown, gray, green, hazel


Gnomish Normal


Adaptable and ambitious

Average Lifespan

Usually up to 80 years;


Various material planes


Berkeron, Gizaryl and Ulevon



The Ulevon consider themselves to be the children of their patron god Ulevar


The Ulevon are the Gnomes who did not take to the use of arcane energy as a source of power but have put their focus into the brewing of powerful ales and the like. They are alchemists without equal.

Human Contact

The Ulevon were the first race to make contact with the Humans that settled on the eastern shores of the Sentinel Sea. Being an open and mirthful race, they enjoyed the strangeness of the new-comers to their realm and saught to welcome them as their god, Ulevar, would have all strangers met - with song, cheer, food and warmth.

The area that is now known as the Province of Bel, was originally a Gnomish region with Bel Common south of the human's capital city of Kel Arn.


Like their other Gnomish brethern, the Ulevon constantly seek power in its varied form. The Berkeron seek power through their technological innovations and military might. The Gizadi prefer the academically-minded power of knowledge. The Ulevon, however, prefer to seek power through economic domination. 


The Ulevon are the 'Ferengi' of Arland. As alchemists, brewers and the like, they are fascinated by buisness, economics, commerce and trade. 


Many of the Ulevon worship the god Ulevar ; the god of commerce. .


The 'City-Gnomes' tend to settle near or within human towns and cities. Though they will often settle together for support and security, their homes reflect a subtle combination of human and Gnomish design.

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