Tor Gizad
The seal of the First Tower
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Region Sentinel Sea
Capital Tor Gizad
Demonym Gizadi
Population 45,000
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Imports Grain, livestock, leather, ore, timber, and exotic goods from other lands
Exports Magic Items, Crystals and Gems
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Tor Gizad is an island kingdom of Gnomes who worship the god of knowledge, Gizad and study arcane magic. Tor Gizad is located in the approximate center of the Sentinel Sea, on an inland called Gizon

The eastern shore of the island is roughly 750 miles (25 days) to the mainland where it meets the Pillars of Arn. The western shore is roughly 700 miles (23 days) to the mainland where it meets the Province of Bel. Should one travel north from the shores of Tor Gizad they would eventually run into the Grey Islands of Kel Nord after 1200 miles (40 days) and should they leave to go south, they would discover the mouth of the Green River after only 1100 miles (36 days).


Main article: History of Tor Gizad

Tor Gizad was originally founded by Gnomes. Over centuries they carved out the chambers within the walls of the 'Tower' and excavated tunnels into the bowls of the dormant volcano to expose some of the thermal vents to bring warmth to their new home.


Main article: Gizerad

The government of Tor Gizad is based on the Council of Magi, the Gizerad, that controlls all magical instruction within the Kingdom of the Kels as well as those who have signed the Gizadi Accords. As the kingdom is seperated into two, distinct areas (the Tower and the Base), the merchant class is governed by a seperate council (Council of Guilds).


Aside from the obvious draw of the city to the Magi of Arn, the city also boasts one of the most exotic of markets known. The market boasts the sale of almost any arcane component one could need as well as many a magical device or wondrous item.

Trade Wards

See Rings below.

Defense and justice

Main article: Armed forces of Tor Gizad


See also Magical Societies


Main article: Nobility of Tor Gizad

The Academy of Gizad

Also called the Arcane Academy

The Great Library

See also: Great Library of Tor Gizad

Faith in Tor Gizad

Main article: Religion in Tor Gizad

Tor Gizad has a small variety of faiths, and the odds are that most god and neutral deities are represented somewhere in the Tower.

Rings of Tor Gizad

Tor Gizad has roughly been divided into zones depending on their function. The High Ring at the top of the tower, the Port Ring on the sea-level as well as various commercial wards where people can buy any manner of tool or ingredient.
High Ring
This central ward encompasses and much of the government of the city. Here is located the council chambers of the Magi.
Trade Ring
This ring is about hal way up the tower and is the largest of the magical markets in Arland.
Port Ring
This is the water-level of the tower where a majority of the trade ports are located and the four landing towers for the Airship fleet.


Festivals and holidays

In addition to the standard festivals of the Calendar of Henna there are several festivals and holy days held in Tor Gizad: