Toman Karn is Grand Duke of the Marches at the time that King Tarrach took the Golden Throne. Though normally an inherited title, Baron Karn seized it militarily.

Toman Karn is the leader of the House of Karn when Tarach takes the throne.


Black Dragon Hoard

In his youth Toman discovered the den of a young Black Dragon deep in the Marsh Fields. Knowing that he did not have the military might to slay the dragon he left it until the time was right.

Years later, in the year when the night of the Red Commet would be visible, he was a much different person, leader of the House of Karn, and decided to revisit the den of the Black Dragon. For several months, he and a size of his own personal guard searched through the Southlands until they discovered the lair of the Black Dragon. Originally he planned on Black mailing the Dragon to help him claim the Throne of the Marches for himself. He would sneak in, grab the dragon's hoard and 'sell' it back to the creature in exchange for its service.

So, with Fifty of his finest guards, about twenty other paid swords-for-hire and with the Magus and Clerist of his own family's House, he left the city and traveled through the South Marches and into the Southlands.

Something went wrong when he and his men had snuck into the den and he was forced to confront the dragon in a pitched battle. Most of his men were lost as was his Magus but he did manage to claim the dragon's treasure for his own. When it was all counted, he returned to his family's lands with nearly eight thousand gold pieces - minus the swords-for-hire, thirty of his guard and his Magus.

With this vast sum of wealth, Toman was able to buy the entire Black Cloak Brotherhood for a single, unified attack against the Baronies of Midlund and Daedan to occur simultaneously with his attack on the Dukal Palace in Kel Arn on the night of the Red Commet.

Dragon's Blood

Upon his ascendency to the Throne of the Marches, Toman's appearance began to change. As the years passed and his rulership became accepted, some of those close to him began to realize that he was actually looking younger and younger. Within the first year it was as though he had lost a decade and had regained much of the youth and vigor he once had in his early forties.