The Shadowthorn Brotherhood
Important Information
Type Syndicate,
Seat Kingsbridge, Barony of Midlund
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The Shadowthorn Brotherhood is a Criminal Syndicate that originated in the South Marches as a loose confederation of thieves and assassins. 


Although the Syndicate originally operates within the borders of the Barony of Shade and Belirat, whispers suggest that the Brotherhood was actually created in the Barony of Blackmarch


The Shadowthorn Brotherhood bares the mark of two crescent moons with a spike-like sliver between them as a tattoo or arcane mark on their body. The tattoo is worn on the inside of their left wrist, often no larger than that of a coin. 


The Shadowthorn Brotherhood has been rivals of the Black Sun Syndicate for nearly as long as anyone can remember the two organizations existing. 


Their rise to notoriety was when they participated in the Hundred-Day War as a mercenary force for the House of Torgus . After their involvement in the short war, the criminal guild branched out to other cities and towns in the North, South and East Marches as well as the Kels.

It was only during The Hundred Day War that the Brotherhood offered their services to the House of Torgus at a discounted price.It was the Brotherhood who uncovered the plot by House Gubassi to attack the House of Grellen and frame the House of Borrath for it. 

Recent History

After the Hundred-Day War, the Brotherhood relocated their base of operations to the city of Kingsbridge .

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