A relic of the Dwarven people, "The Brothers" is a two-headed battle axe forged when the Dwarven people were unified under the High Thane Under the Mountain.T

The design of the axe is a unification of the styles of the three dwarven peoples, Mountain, Shield and Volcanic. The Mountain Dwarves are known for their fondness of double-bladed axes as well as the wearing of winged ornaments upon their helmets. The Shield Dwarves are known for their use of knotwork as seen in the weaving of the leather covering of the handle. The Volcanic Dwarves are known for their fondness for draconic images as seen in the two faces that 'hold' the axe blades.


All such abilities granted by weilding the axe but only in the hands of a dwarf.

  • Returning
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Knock-back

Last Seen

This relic is seen resting over the throne of the High Thane Under the Mountain in Grandfather Mountain

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