The Tenebril are a rare breed of Halfling that is nearly identical to their Hanabril cousins except for the color of their hair and skin. Whereas the Hanabril have dark brown hair with a tanned complexion. The Tenebril have snow-white hair and an ashen-grey complexion. It is unknown as to whether the Tenebril had such an appearance before they accompanied the Malanari into the Twilight Kingdom. Aside from the color of their hair that makes them unmistakable amongst Halfling society, the Tenebril are the only variety of Halfling that have a connection to Arcane energy and generally become Sorcerers.

Tenebril are also cave-dwellers, shunning the light so favored by their Hanabril and Norbril cousins. Tenebril favor the shadows and the dark. 


Tenebril have excellent night-vision, above-average hearing and are as nimble as any of their kind


Tenebril society evolved along with their Malanari neighbors within the Twilight Realm though the halfligns were quickly enslaves by the shadowy high elves after the destruction of their capital city. Those pockets of tenebril society which exists outside of the elven kingdom embrace a matriarchical style, favoring females to lead them in nearly every social matter. Males are only put forth to lead in terms of martial concerns such as war or defence. 

The Tenebril, like their other halfling cousins, are organized into a number of clans. Clans who have been dominated by the Malanari exist within the elven cities, those fortunate enough to escape capture and servitude are generally absorbed by other clans who exist in the untamed wilds of the Twilight Realm. 

The Tenebril have been enemies with the clans of the Darkscale Kobolds for as long as any of the two can remember. Since they typically favor living in surface-level caves, the Darkscales will occasionally, if unintentionally, invade upon the Tenebril's territory. 


Usually carved out of obsidian.


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