The Sylvanari Record was originally a series of ballad and tales that were passed down in the Kingdom of Sylvanar. Though the Sylvari Records lacks the dates and accuracy of the Hennite Record or the Gizadi Record, it does capture many of the early legends and myths that have influenced the world as it is today.


The origin of the Sylvari Record is a bit difficult to determine. It is thought that the Dragons, being the only sentient race that was alive to have lived through all of the events, passed on their knowledge to the early races.

The Saga of the Ages

The history of Akara is divided up into many different ages. Each 'age' (ranging from one-thousand to five-thousand years in length, is further divided up into smaller sections called 'times' (which can range from ten to one-hundred years).

Age of Gods

Time of the Dorrow

Age of Kings

Time of the Dragons

Age of Kith

Time of Awakening

The Kith begin spreading out and start the construction of their cities around the world.

Time of the Etheral Wars

The War of the Seven Stars

Time of the Great Sickness

The Illith are loosing the war against the Kith

Age of Tauren

Time of Plenty

Time of Tides

Time of the White Death

A mini-ice age falls upon the world, dropping the relative temperature enough so that the Lizard and Serpent folk must retreat to their warmer climates near the equator. Additionally, as ice sheets spread along the north western edge of Arland, the Lost Isles become passible enough for the Knosi, Capri, and Arisi refugees to cross to the lands of Ushra.

Age of Kin

Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes are center-stage.

Age of Rebirth

Humans emerge as a new power within the realm.

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