The Sylvanari are the oldest of the three elven nations .

Subracial Details

  • Skin Tone: Caucasion
  • Eye Color: Brown-Green
  • Hair Color: Brown - Blonde
  • Height: 6'6"

Inter-Elf Relations

  • Sylvanari: -2 to all social interactions.
  • Crysanari: -3 to all social interactions
  • Solonari: -2 to all social interactions
  • Quenari: -2 to all social interactions


The Sylvanari are followers of the Forest Goddess, Sylvalune and her husband Huran . As such they believe in the perpetual cycle of life. The soul is immortal and as such it passes from one form to another over the course of its existence. Many of the Sylvanari believe that as the soul matures it eventually will merge with that of the ancient trees of their forests - and it is for this reason that they are so protective of them.


  • Sylvanar (West of the Sentinel Sea in the forest of Brightwood)
  • Mythquendyl (East of the Sentinel Sea in the Silver Forest)

Life and Society


(Use House/Sylvanari)


(Use Character/Sylvanari)



See also: Sylvanari Lexicon

The Sylvanari language is the oldest of the three elven dialects. It is presumed to be the closest to the original elven language as several elements of the Sylvanari language are also found within the Malanari and Crysanari languages.


Burial and Death


Music & Art

The Sylvanari favor stringed instruments, chimes and bells and strong voices.

A sample of Sylvanari music.


The Sylvanari tend towards natural shapes, commonly coaxing trees to grow tall with broad branches so that they can weave their structures within them.


The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack-14-Lothlorien04:34

The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack-14-Lothlorien

The Silvanari are constantly being attacked along their southern border by the forces of Sekket.

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