The Kingdom of Sylvanar is located within the Silverwood Forest


Founded in -XXX KR. 


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Temple of the Green Mother

Government & Politics

House Holds

The Royal House of Sylvanar is the House of Leaves

Other Households include:


The River of Myr separates from the Faen River in the north at the 'Noldothi ' what the humans call the 'North Fork'. The two rivers surround the Silverwood Forest and then rejoin at the 'Surdothi ' or what the humans call the 'South Fork'. The Faen River then continues south west until it eventually empties into the Sentinel SeaThe Silverwood Forest is completely surrounded by river on all three sides with the River of Myr to the east and south, the Faen River to the north and west. 

The Silverwood Forest, within the borders of the two rivers, is a gradual rise from all four corners until it culminates at a tall hill at its center with many small vallies and hollows nestled around the edge. The capital city of Eldaquendyl rests upon the top of this hill in a grove of Silver Oak Trees. 

Mythquendyl also holds territory in the Brindlewood Forest where the towns of Tethquendyl and Lordanthyl are located. As the two forests are separated, the lands of Brindlewood are considered a colony and have a degree of autonomy. 


Seal of the Kingdom of Sylvanar


Seal of the Royal House of Sylvanar