Holy Symbol
Important Information
Title The Forest Spirit
Rank Lesser God
Servants None
Dominion Court of Light
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Sphere {{{sphere}}}
Portfolio Love, Beauty, Music
Worshipers Companion, Musicians
Followers Alignment Any Good, Chaotic
Domains Plants, Earth, Good, Knowledge,
Allegiance Aluneshae (guardian), Huran (Brother), Sylvix (Emissary)

Sylvalune (Sil-vah-LUNE) is the Goddess of the Forest and sister of the God of Beasts, Huran


Followers of Sylvalune believe in the cyclical nature of things; a form of reincarnation where the spirits of their ancestors are reborn in the young. The soul is immortal and as such it passes from one form to another over the course of its existence. Many of the followers of Sylvalune believe that as the soul matures it eventually will merge with that of the ancient trees of their forests - and it is for this reason that they are so protective of them.


Followers of Sylvalune believe in natural internment of their dead. Generally their dead are wrapped in cloth and burried graves located within their sacred groves so that their physical bodies might be 'guarded' by the spirits of their ancestors within the giant trees which grow there.

Sacred Items

Holy Symbol

Sylvalune's holy symbol is that of two stylized crosses counter-set within a hoop of bent wood.


Moon Silver




Warm earth tones such as Green, Brown




Followers of Sylvalune favory archery as a near religious exercise.

Human Contact

When the elves of the Sylvanari made diplomatic contact with the human nations of the Kels, their faith in Sylvalune was one of the elements of their culture that they imparted. Where elves gather in her name - they will establish a new seedling of their World Tree - an item sacred to their worship.

Eventually the creation of elven embassies in the Kels spread to the point where elves were in the four southern cities (all but Kel Nord). It was not until the Madness of King Korvic that contact with the humans of the Kels was abruptly halted.

The Sylvanari peoples decided that making contact with those humans in the rural areas - already within the heart of the great forests - would be an easier transition for such a short-lived race.


Some images of the Goddess of the Forest.