Svallah is a Frost Giant Frost-Witch of the Northern Reaches that was sent by Renezah into the Provinces to evaluate the strength of possible resistance for his future invasion.

While in her human form she faught and killed Alwyn's true mother only days after his birth. When she killed Rhiannon she took a ring from her and wears it to this day. It is by this ring that Randelfur recognizes her and the final battle at the end of the first book occurs.

Later, while still within the southern Provinces, she recruited Alwyn's older brother, Gar, and taught him a bit of magic.

Svallah's main goal is to learn how the Gizerathi use the Witch Gates to travel between their towers. Once she learns the commands to activate the gate Renezah's attack force could use the Gizerathi's own transportation secret against them and arrive in the Kels, in great number, like a Trojan Horse.

Svallah is eventually killed by Alwyn and Randelfur on the night of the Apple Moon Festival in Wykchurst after Alwyn leaves his step-father, Dannu in 5587 HR.

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