The Southlands is a region within the Human Lands that lies south of the March Sea and west of the Sea of Shards.


The Southlands are culturally similar to the Marchlands and the Kels in that they all speak the same human language (Arness) though each region will have their own ethnic dialect. Styles of dress, food, music and religion also vary from the Kels and the Marchlands. Because of the many textile planations in the south, cloth is far more affordable and comes in a wider variety of textures, colors and patterns. Because of this, the style of dress is a bit more voluminous with long, draping sleeves, billowy gowns and puffy shirts. 


Where as the north is often gripped with long, snowy winters, the south has more temperate weather throughout the year. 


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South Marches
Barony House Motto Seat Founded
Belirat Belir "Last to Fall" Bronzefort 450 KR
Black Stone Blackwell "Patient as the Night" Blackmarch 725 KR
Dunmorr Karn "We do not yield" Baron's Gate 600 KR
Morendur Morentelli "No debt left unpaid" Mirador 510 KR
Nordmare Grellen "Wisdom and Strength" Norranthal 410 KR
Ashwood Torgus "From the Ashes we Rise" Shade 550 KR
Southford Borrath "Leave No Rival" Southshore 504 KR
Vargoth Krey "Fear our Flames" White Harbor 570 KR


Once called the "South Marches" as the region was settled after the Marchlands, the area was renamed as the Southlands some years later.

Main article: History of South Marches

Aside from the Kels themselves, the South Marches is a region of Arland settled by Humans who originally founded the Kingdoms of the Kels. Primarily founded by settlers from Kel Essen, Kel Rho and Kel Arn, the South Marches have a troubled history.

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