Society of Scribes
Important Information
Type Arcane, Divine
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Holdings Holdings
Heirlooms Heirlooms
Organization Religious
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Known Members
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The Society of Scribes is a human-founded Arcane Society dedicated to magical research and study focusing on expanding their understanding of history, lost or forgotten lore and magic. The Society of Scribes, known for many years as just 'the Society', is the oldest of any of the Arcane Societies within the human world; maintaining records back to just after the first century of the Kels. Many consider Kelani herself, the keeper of time upon whose accounts all current human time is measured, is said to have been a member.


The Society is also the first to have embraced the faith of Gizad and it is through his teachings that their early memebrs drew strength and organized their activities to record, investigate and protect the knowledge of their people.

Presence & Influence


From the Society of Scribes the following groups formed:

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