Silver Oak is similar to regular white oak trees but stands three times as large on average. Though the bark will appear silvery white and smooth almost like a Beech tree, the leaves are identical to that of a white oak.

Silver oaks are commonly found in the regions of Brightwood, the Willows and occasionally in the Provinces.

The wood of a silver oak appears grey-white in color and is well suited for arcane tools like staves, wands and rods. Some casters prefer the heart wood of the tree which is even more precious though more difficult to obstain. The wood of a silver oak is as hard as stone and near impossible to cut with conventional tools. Many who would have items fashioned from the wood of a Silver Oak must use magic to do so (Shape Wood) as normal tools are quickly blunted or dulled by the hard wood. 

Druid Magic

Silver Oaks are venerated by Druids and Witches as one of the three great trees (Bronzewood and Blackwood being the other two). 

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