Servitor Golems are human-like golems created to be servants for their arcane masters. Originally created as a model more adaptive than the shield golem and less combative than a war golem, the servitor golem was to be hands when its master's were too weak.

Servitor Golems are generally seven feet tall and weigh something close to four-hundred pounds. Their bodies are made of a composite of wood, steel, bronze and other metals. Known servitor golems are created with an Arcane Core at its heart that allows it to move and, in a sense, think. All servitor golems are created with a port in their chest - a key hole portal that is used to 'turn on' or 'turn off' the golem by the Master Key. Whoever holds the servitor golem's key (With the golem's name written upon it) can command it. 

Servitor golems became the crowning glory of Gnomish golem-craft and many a wizard and artificer pushed the limits of arcane-based, artificial intelligence within these constructs to give them, essentially, a soul.

The secret to create the servitor golem was learned by only one non-Gnome; an aged human wizard.

Known Servitor Golems

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