Concerning the region around the Sentinel Sea.


The Sentinel Sea is a deep, fresh-water inland sea in the north east of the continent of Arland.

The Sentinel Sea is connected to the Sea of Shards through a rather indirect route of rivers and such. Specifically, the Sentinel Sea passes through the River Arno to the Dragonmere Lake . From the Dragonmere it connects to the Black River, passes through the Pillars of the Titans to the March Sea and eventually will reach the Sea of Shards

Sentinel Sea River Arno Dragonmere Lake Black River Pillars of the Titans March Sea Sea of Shards

This incredibly long waterway is one of, if not the longest waterways within Arland. A river cog would take over a month's travel to spand the distance from one end to the other. Additionally, rivers that connect to the western shore of the Sentinel Sea permit travel further west though there are no greater bodies of water beyond the Sentinel Sea which are connected.


East to West, the Sentinel Sea is roughly two weeks across by boat; one week from the the port of X on the west coast to Tor Gizad and then a bit more than one week to Berk's Home on the west coast.

North to South, the sea is seven weeks long, around four weeks from the south edge to Tor Gizad and three weeks from Tor Gizad to the city of Kel Nord in the north shores.


The Sentinel Sea is a natural border between the Shield Lands of the Dwarves to the east and the Provinces of the Gnomes to the west.  


The Sentinel Sea is the homeland of the human race within Arland. 

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