Rods are tools used by Wizards, Clerics or Druids to control and augment Arcane, Divine or Natural Magic

Similar to a Staff, a rod is different in that it is shorter than a traditional staff but it maintains the same design elements.

Where as arcane staffs, wands and Rods all have the same enchantments placed upon their crystals to store arcane energy, Divine or Natural Rods are created to specifically be attuned to empower certain types or spheres of magic.

Staves / Rods / Wands

The main difference between a Staff, Rod or Wand is the intended purpose. A wand, technically, only possesses a single spell within its matrix. They are more easily created because they are designed to only hold a single spell. A rod, as it is large enough to accomodate a larger gem in the eye and a more sturdy shaft, may hold up to three seperate spells within its matrix without causing decay within the object. A staff, for much the same reason that a Rod is able to accomodate additional spells within its matrix, is able to hold up to six seperate spells.

It may be easier for a caster to turn out a series of simple, Enchanted objects rather than a fully charged rod or staff depending on how often they will need the spell within it.

Level Limitation

Another difference between the enchanting of staves, wands and rods is that rods can only handle spells up to fourth level. Anything higher and there is an increased chance that the structure of the wand would not be able to contain the energy necessary to fuel the spell and risk release the stored energy at all once - in the form of a large explosion.

Known Rods

Arcane Divine Natural Necromantic
Category Rod/Natural not found

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