Holy Symbol
Important Information
Title The Binder
Rank Lesser God
Servants Horned King
Dominion {{{dominion}}}
Alignment Neutral Evil
Sphere {{{sphere}}}
Portfolio Golem Craft, Necromancy, Industry
Worshipers Wizards,
Followers Alignment {{{cleric alignments}}}
Domains Undeath, Artifice, Evil, Knowledge, Deathbound, Death
Allegiance {{{allegiance}}}

Worshipped by the Berkeron for his use of Necromancy.


  • The Binder (Gnome)
  • The Unmaker (Halfling)
  • Lord of the Undead (Human)
  • The Soul Hunter (Elf)

His followers are known as Violet Priests due to the color of their robes and the color of the Pale Moon


Born a mortal but transformed himself into the first Lich prior to his death.

Father of Lesha See Also:

Holidays & Rituals

Category Holiday/Rhulic not found


Some imagery of the god of undeath

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