Rhiannon.jpgBorn: Fall 5545

Died: Dun 5570.

Rhiannon is Alwyn's birth mother. She is sister to Randelfur and once a member of the Gizerath, she was following the trail of a Frost-Witch that had been causing havok throughout the provinces when she found her the day after she delivered her child.

Nine months prior to her battle with the frost-witch, she had fallen in love with a Hennite Pilgrim and the two consumated their love while she was still a member of the Gizerath. Though her Order had strict rules about the production of children will still on active duty, she continued to patrole the Provinces looking for any sign of the frost-witch that had rumored to have come down from the Northlands. Rather than report her pregnancy to her superiors and take the mandatory 'reassignment' she concealed her status and used her magic to disguise her body as needed to continue her pursuit.

It is well known that women wizards should not cast their magic while pregnant for fear that the flow of arcane energy through their body will harm the child. In truth, all but the simplest of magic, will nearly guarantee a miscarrage within the first or second trimester. Rhiannon continued to use her magic extensively, possibly to force a miscarrage as she was not married to the Hennite nor had any intention of 'settling down' when she found out that she was pregnant.

Because she continually used her magic and hid her condition from everyone - she delivered Alwyn in secret and was meaning to deliver him to a childless couple in a nearby village to raise when she discovered the frost witch. She decided to hide the baby in the hollow of a tree and subdue the witch - not knowing that she was no ordinary witch.

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