Renezah of Angry Mountain


The War of the Long Winter

See "War of the Long Winter" for more information


Rise to Power

Renezah, when he was a King of the Frost Giants and after his transformation was a place known as Frost Maw.

After "The Lord of Winter" had defeated and yolked all of the kingdoms of Frost-Giants in the Northern Reaches, he was not satisfied for long. Renezah, to proclaim his power, traveled to the 'Angry Mountain' to the home of a powerful White Dragon named, in the common tongue "Frost-Maw". There he challenged and slew him in single combat with many of Renezah's own people there as witnesses. With the white dragon's body laying crumpled at his feet, the Frost-Giant reached into the dragon's chest and yanked out his heart and froze it with his magic, turning it into a glacier-blue gem which he wears as a symbol of his conquest - claiming both the dragon's title, "The Devil of Angry Mountain" and his mate, a powerful she-dragon named, in the common tongue, "Winter-Wind" as his queen.

By claiming White-Wind as his queen, he was able to command all other white dragons of the Northern Reaches to serve him as well.


When Renezah attempted to push himself out of this world to become a god, he made contact with the Shard Realm of Friggia just as Maltharius had done before him. Unfortunately for him, there was no god to elevate him and remove him from the Shard Realm. Unable to return to the Material Plane and without access to the God Realm, he was stuck - imprisoned in Friggia.