Important Information
Race Human
Ethnicity Arness
Class Wizard
Faith Gizad
Date of Birth
Date of Death death
Allegiance  ??
Residence Wyck
Family  ??
Friends  ?



Born Brindle 7, 5422 HR.


He's the older brother to Rhiannon who is Alwyn's birth mother.

Randelfur served the Gizerath for many years and then settled in the village of Wyckhurst for his later years where he found the boy Alwyn and agreed to teach him the basics of arcane magic.

Randelfur's Gear


Randelfur wears the robes of a cleric of Gizad, simple and plain. As a member of the Gizerath, he wears the simple grey robes when traveling to avoid drawing attention to himself. Although the robes appear to be nothing but woven wool, Randelfur has enchanted them to protect him from the elements as well as normal missles - a fact that has saved his life on more than one occasion. Arrows will not penetrate the cloth but it can not stop the force of the impact.


Second to Randelfur's Arcanite necklace is his Chadori Knot pendant. The chadori knot is always worn under his tunic and under his robes. It is something that his wife, long dead, gave him as a present. It is because of her that he joined the Chadori.

Valknot Amulet

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