Standing stone
Path Stones', are large standing stones that were originally created to mark the course of Arcane Pathways by the Solonari Pathwalkers. The Stones were set along the countryside in various places as markers to determine if the flow of energy moved over time.

To mark the concentration of the flow, the Pathwalkers developed a simple system to show the relative strength of mana at the location. A single stone was set to show the presence of the path. Three stones arranged in a triangle was set to show a Node and six stones arranged in a hexagon or circle was set to show a Nexus or a fairly powerful node.

See also Witchgates, Wyldgates

A Moving Path

The presence of  'Path Stones' by the Pathwalkers, is a fairly accurate marker for where arcane energy flowed at one time. It was the intention of the Solonari to observe and monitor the movement of the pathways over centuries and millennia to determine if the weaker paths would 'drift' off their initial course. What information the Solonari were able to gather was lost in the destruction of their city, Solandyl save for what few records were sent to the Great Library of Tor Gizad for further study.


Runestones differ from pathstones in that runestones have glyphs carved into their surface and pathstones are unmarked. It is unknown as to why some pathstones were given markings and why some were not but the markings  upon the known runestones have been well-documented by wizards in an effort to understand their meaning. 

As the language used to enscribe the stones is unknown, the stones are given names that represent the general shape or location of the stone so as to identify them to other researchers.

Known Runestones

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