Important Information
Race Elf
Ethnicity Sylvanari
Class Wizard
Faith Sylvalune
Date of Birth ??? KR
Date of Death ??? KR
Residence where do they live
Family Family member 2
family member 2
Friends Friends, Familiars, Etc.

A wizard who researched the forces of nature and, eventually, began to worship them.

Little is known of this wizard’s history before his cabal chose to abandon the after the end of the first Witch War.


A green journal adorned in the scales of a green dragon, it details the philosophy of the founder of the Green Wizards, Ormalon. Embracing the natural forces of the world, the wizard and his cabal attempted to channel their own arcane magic to replicate several spells found at the command of druids and clerics of the forest.


The Tower of Ormalon is located somewhere within the Willows. Surrounded by an ancient forest and resting near one of the Arborean groves, the tower was created just after the first Witch War as a refuge for a sect of arcanists who studied and followed the ways of nature. The Green Wizards of Ormalon, named for their founder, called to them stone elementals to summon the tower to house them. Rumors circulated that at the top of the tower, the wizards had placed a huge gem the size of a dragon’s eye to aid them in seeing any who would come to attack their sanctuary.

The Tower is said to survive the wizards who lived within it, and is the source for many legends and false treasure maps.

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