Orbs are a type of arcane implement used by wizards. Orbs all share their spherical shape, though many are constructed from different materials or are different colors. The powers of orbs also vary wildly, though they are typically psychic in nature, allowing the wizard to attack the mind of their foe or see into places beyond sight.

A caution using Orbs

Orbs, like other magical crystals, produce heat the more arcane energy is conducted through them. Though an orb may be safe to handle if you're only casting a first level spell through it, the higher the level of spell or the more frequently the spell is cast will cause additional heat to the point where it will cause burnning damage to the holder.

It is for this reason that wizards have learned to place the crystal or gem that is conducting the energy in a safe 'housing' to keep it from burning them. Normally this housing is a soft, conductive metal like silver or gold. Baring that some woods can be used as they do not scorch easily. Ironwood is the most common form of wood used to create stands or 'cradles' for such magical orbs.

Known types of Orbs

Orbs of Sight

These orbs are used to scry great distances or observe fixed locations. They are arcane windows to see over great distances.

Known Orbs of Sight Include:

  • Orb of the Eagle,
  • Orb of Scrying

Orbs of Control

These orbs are used to control specific elements of magic such as storms or magical creatures such as elementals.

Known Orbs of Control include:

  • Orb of Storms.
  • Orb of Elemental Control

Orbs as Prisons

These types of orbs are a form of restricted magic whereby the wizard imprisons a creature within the crystal matrix of the orb itself. While imprisoned the creature can be asked questions or drained of its energy as a perpetual source of mana.

Some evil wizards have been known to imprison powerful undead creatures, unicorns or even dragons.

Known types of Prison Orbs:

Orbs of the Elements

These types of Orbs are used to house small portals, mere pin-pricks into the elemental realms of Fire, Water, Air, etc. These types of orb are used to power certain spells or give added boost for a particular element of a spell when needed.

Each type of elemental orb is able to produce a specific quantity of their given element upon command. An orb of water would produce gallons of water, etc.

Known types of Elemental Orbs:

Orbs of Energy

These types of orbs are used as an augmentation to the amount of energy a wizard has at their disposal or as a means to store excess energy for when needed later. Such orbs are fairly easy to construct and are often spotted in a wizard's study or home.

Known Orbs of Energy include:

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