Barony of Northshield
Important Information
Type Barony of the North
Leader House of Fenryk
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The Barony of Northshield is on the north-western border of the Marches on the shores of the Silver River .

It is one of the most influential Baronies of the North Marches as it controlls the largest river ports that lead from the Silver River down into the interior of the North marches.

The capital of the Barony of Northshield is the city of Northhaven.

History of the Barony

The Barony of North Shield was founded by the House of Fenryk in the city of North Haven. North Haven was founded as a town in 527 KR and evolved to the first march of the Barony, (XXX), by 560 KR . With the addition of a second march twenty years later, the pair of marches became the Barony of North Shield by the year 582 KR . Most of the settlements were clustered around the silver river along the northern edge of the Blackwood Forest , east of the Silverwood Forest. It was the human settlements that stood to protect the kingdom's northern border against anything that might invade from the Northlands.

Soon after the lands were conirmed as a barony in a ceremony officiated by the King of Kel Arn, Baron XXX of the House of Fenryk  wanted to see what else he had to work with within the forest within which he had carved a home. To this end he hired several scouts and sent them throughout the area to explore and map what they discovered.

Trade & Trade Routes

The Barony of Northshield uses the standard coin of the Kels, the Gold Crown. 

Travel Distances from Northshield

  • To High Reaches
  • To Brendoak
  • To Midlund
  • To Stormwatch
  • To Wyrmwood
  • To Briarwood


The Barony is composed of a number of villages and towns in the Northwood Forest and Blackwood Forest .



North Marches
Barony House Motto Seat Location
Brendoak Alba "Evermore" Thornhaven West
Dale Baelyn "Noble in our Fury" Fallcrest South East
Weston]] Tarly "Here we Stand" Barons Bridge East Central
High Reaches Bromwell "Family First" Highward West
Midlund Norello "Right Conquers Might" Kingsbridge South Central
Northshield Fenryk "Never Alone" Northhaven North East

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