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The Norloi are the nomadic northlanders that shepherd the Shovel-horns.
They travel all over the Northern Steps in great caravans with their massive herds of horses.

The Norloi are the horselords of the Northlands. Their skill at riding and mounted combat is unsurpased within the ranks of human cultures.


The Norloi, like the Norvik are tall, fair skinned people. Most had blue or steel gray eyes. 


The Northlands were settled by humans who were fleeing the Marches and the Kels during the Great Silence. First settled were the Northlands by settlers who eventually became known as the Norvik. Those who continued into the Northern Stepps and followed the massive herds of Shovel-Horns became the nomadic peoples of the Norloi .  


Norloi, due to their nomatic lifestyle, will often haul their large 'Ger' homes with them on giant wagons.


The Norloi hunt the herds of Shovel-Horn Elk that migrate within the Northern Steps.

Norvik warriors are known for their skill in riding. With long spears to hurl from horseback and a combination of scale and ring mail for armor, they decorate themselves and their mounts with twist and knotwork patterns. Norvik heroes are remembered in song and chant for their skills at riding, their abilities with their spear or their abilities to lead men into battle. For those heroes who have been awarded men to lead by their Chief, they often carry a totemic banner in their procession. Should this banner fall in battle, the honor and bravery of the leader can be doubted and the men given to him withdrawn.

Many an army of evil creatures has trembled at the sight of a line of Norvik cavalry.

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