A typical Norbril halfling stands around three and a half to four feet tall and weighs around 80 pounds. Their skin colors range from light pink to slightly tanned, and their hair color is typically auburn, brown or blonde. Males usually wear their hair short on the sides and back, keeping it neatly trimmed.

Nearly all male halflings are incapable of growing true beards, though many have long sideburns. Female Norbril hairstyles are often complex, with strands woven together or braided.


Halflings have lifespans comparable with, but slightly longer, than humans. A halfling is typically considered an adult in their early twenties and some live into their 150s


The Norbril were originally found in the north and south marches near the Sentinel Sea prior to when the humans arrived. They lived with and learned from the humans for many years - their two socieies becoming quite symbiotic. It was not until the Great Silence when the humans of the Kels drove the Norbril away - claiming that their involvement with other races is what cut them off from the gods. 

When this happened the Norbril split into two main branches: the nomads of the Northlands and the quiet folk of the North Marches

The North Marches side became what are traditionally known as the Norbril and the Svalir or the "Lost Folk" who live in the Northlands. 

The Norbril prefer to settle in forested regions and have made their homes in the forests of the Northwood , the Blackwood , the Thornwood and to a part the Evergreen


Norbril gather together in clans just like their more wild Hanabril cousins. Though they are less political and staunch than their darker, Tenebril cousins, the Norbril consider themselves to be a 'happy middle' between the two extremes. 


They tend to migrate often within the Northlands  and the Nothern Marches


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Because of their involvement with humans, the Norbril have adapted to their level of technology in many ways. Rather than relying upon leather, wood and bone for a majority of their materials, the Norbril have learned to weave cloth, work metal and have become some of the finest weavers in the northlands. 


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