A 'pool' or gathering of arcane energy. Commonly found along the length of a path (ley line) of energy, the pool represents a surplus of energy that can be more easily tapped into.

Nodes can be created by restricting or 'damming' the flow of arcane energy at a given point along one of the paths. It was the creation of such a 'pool' that gave Maltharius the energy needed to open a rift into the Plane of Shadow - and subsequently drew the attention of Renezah when his source of arcane energy was weakened because of the dam created within Malthengard.


Nodes are classified by strength ranging from 0-9 Each rank of node represents the amount of excess arcane energy found at its location.The higher the level, the more that the increased flow of mana can be detected and used.

Level 0 1  additional point of mana / hour 5 Feet
Level 1 2  additional point of mana / hour 10 Feet
Level 2 3  additional point of mana / hour 20 Feet
Level 3 4  additional point of mana / hour 40 Feet
Level 4 5  additional point of mana / hour 80 Feet
Level 5 6  additional point of mana / hour 80 Feet
Level 6 7  additional point of mana / hour 160 Feet
Level 7 8  additional point of mana / hour 320 Feet
Level 8 9  additional point of mana / hour 640 Feet
Level 9 10 additional point of mana / hour 1280 Feet

Known Nodes

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