A node is a 'pool' or gathering of arcane energy similar in concept to a "spring".  Commonly found along the length of a path (ley line) of energy, the pool represents a surplus of energy that can be more easily tapped into by those who can channel arcane energy. These pools are commonly found in subterranean locations such as caves, grottos or the like. 

Nodes are valued by arcane casters because it is a place where they can more easily draw upon mana to cast their spells. Additionally, any magical item which is placed in the node can replentish the mana stored within it at a rate which is comensurate with the ranking of the node. 

Additionally nodes are often were deposits of Arcanite ore. 

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Nodes are classified by strength ranging from 1-10  Each rank of node represents the amount of excess arcane energy found at its location.The higher the level, the more that the increased flow of mana can be detected and used.

Rank Mana Flow Approximate Size
Level 1 1  additional point of mana / hour 5 Feet
Level 2 2  additional point of mana / hour 10 Feet
Level 3 3  additional point of mana / hour 20 Feet
Level 4 4  additional point of mana / hour 40 Feet
Level 5 5  additional point of mana / hour 80 Feet
Level 6 6  additional point of mana / hour 80 Feet
Level 7 7  additional point of mana / hour 160 Feet
Level 8 8  additional point of mana / hour 320 Feet
Level 9 9  additional point of mana / hour 640 Feet
Level 10 10 additional point of mana / hour 1280 Feet

Known Nodes