A crossing of arcane paths (ley lines) where the energy is more easily accessed and is often in greater abundance. Calculating a nexus' strength is done by finding the aveage value of the two mage lines whose intersection has created the nexus.


A level 8 mage line and a level 4 intersect and create a level 6 Nexus.


Nodes are classified by strength ranging from 0-9 Each rank of node represents the amount of excess arcane energy found at its location.

Level 0 5 Feet
Level 1 10 Feet
Level 2 20 Feet
Level 3 40 Feet
Level 4 80 Feet
Level 5 80 Feet
Level 6 160 Feet
Level 7 320 Feet
Level 8 640 Feet
Level 9 1280 Feet

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