Nexite is a mineral much like Arcanite but it is only found where one arcane path crosses another; a nexus.

Similar to Arcanite, Nexite can conduct and store arcane energy but nexite is unique in that it actually produces it in small quantities when exposed to sunlight.

An average, egg-sized chunk of raw Nexite can produce enough mana to glow with an amber-yellow light suffecient to illuminate a 10x10 room as though it were lit by a half-dozen candles.

Another difference between Nexite and Arcanite is that Arcanite can be 'exhausted' and the magical energy within it used up. As Nexite produces its own arcane energy it can never be truely exhausted. It can, however, be over-taxed and the charge passing through it too much for the structure to hold. At which point the Nexite will explode and cause severe damage to anything within ten feet for each 'egg-sized' amount of the mineral.

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