Moon Silver is a very rare form of silver that "Shines with the light of the moon".

Moon Silver, unlike normal silver, does not tarnish, rust or otherwise degrade. It is harder than steal, light as a feather and more conductive to arcane magic than any other metal known to elf or dwarf-kind. It is therefore highly prized by craftsmen for things like Jewelry, magical implements and weapons.

Moon silver, unlike normal silver, is not just mined for but rather it can occasionally be found as nuggets and flakes. in streams. The Dwarves and Elves have kept this fact hidden from the humans for fear that promise of such wealth would prompt them to destroy the environment while searching for the valuable metal.

Only visible under moon light, moon silver flakes and knuggets will shine in the water and fairly easily detected.


Moonsilver is one of the more rare materials, valued both on its luster and shine but also because it conducts arcane energy very well (without causing damage like iron-based metals). 

A trade bar of moon silver is approximately three marks long and one mark wide and three nibs thick (3 x 1 x 3/5th of an inch) and worth 10 times the value of a similar trade bar of gold. 

Any item with a significant component using Moonsilver should be considred +1 (equivalent of 1000 SM) in price. 

Used by the Races


Moon-silver armor
The elven smiths of the Sylvanari have found a way to enchant the metal to transform it from decoration into a martial material as several of their daggers, swords and armor are made from it.

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The Dwarven smiths of the Barzul craft the most amazing armor from the metal forging shirts of moon silver chain. 


The Gnomish smiths of Tor Gizad prize the metal for use in the construction of their staves, wands and other magical items. 

Known Moonsilver Items

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