Tarsha Valon, Mirror of 

Last Reported Location: Great Green Sea

Last Noted Use: 812 KR

The Mirrors of Tarsha Valon are simple hand-mirrors each about thirteen inches on the longest axis of their oval shape. Twins in their creation, one is framed in gold and the other in Silver.

The items were created by the Magus Tarsha Valon about many years ago as a means of regularly speaking with her betrothed who was leaving for an expedition into the Great Green Sea.

The mirrors were used nightly so that the two lovers could speak and keep in contact – reassuring each over of their vows. No matter the distance, the mirrors would seek each other out and allow one to see and hear what the other could as well. For weeks into the voyage, Tarsha Valon would speak with her fiancé each night. She got to know his crew and some of the sights along the trip; it was almost like being there. Then, weeks into the journey, her silvered mirror did not show her betrothed’s face but only the sky. Night after night, she saw the stars through the mirror as though the gilded mirror of her lover had been dropped. She attempted to contact him through the use of her own magic but she was unable to find him; almost as though he were being shielded from magical scrying.

Tarsha, though the extreme objection of her parents, launched a rescue mission to find her fiancé but returned after three years searching the Great Green Sea. Her family was shattered at the public humiliation of canceling the wedding and she withdrew herself into an isolated tower far from the city. For years she studied the positions of the stars above the mirror, attempting to discern its location, returning to the Green Sea to examine new leads though each time without success. Finally, twenty years later, she bound her silvered mirror and her notes into a book and set it upon a shelf in her tower to be forgotten.

Centuries later, after the fall of the Solanari capital, a traveler in the Southlands , seeking shelter from a nasty firestorm stumbled upon the ruined remains of her tower and ravaged it for anything of value. The book, called “The Mirror of Tarsha Valon”, found itself into the book ward of Tor Gizad . It is a wonderful text on the alignment and position of various constellations and the illustrations of the various forms of life found within the Great Green sea are extraordinary. Most people, however, will only see the mirror set into the rear cover as a novelty – occasionally displaying a change in stars or perhaps showing some form of life as it passes over its twin.