Holy Symbol
Important Information
Title The Dark Emperor
Rank Greater God
Servants None
Dominion Court of Darkness
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Sphere {{{sphere}}}
Portfolio War, Tyranny
Worshipers Fighter, Warlords, Tyrants,
Followers Alignment Any Good, Chaotic
Domains War, Strength, Conquest



He wants war and power. War and battle of any kind. He doesn't care who wins or who looses so long as he gets more souls for the war against the forces of the Abyss.


Malvoch was not always evil - he is one of the gods who was corrupted during the War of the Burning Heavens. Previous to then he was simply a son of Arn, eager to prove himself in battle. Originally his name was something else - but when he fell he became the 'Malvoch'...the Dark Voice; or more closely translated "The Voice in the Darkness". He was so named because of his screams as he was cast out of the home of the gods when they detected his dark and twisted soul.

Malvoch not only charged into the demonic legions who were attacking the mortal world but he was able to hold them back. His thirst for war and conquest drove him on while others fell back. It was this thirst for conquest and victory that allowed the demons to corrupt him and turn him evil.

Sacred Items

  • Metal: Steel
  • Animal:  
  • Season: Winter
  • Element: Fire
  • Prime Hour:  
  • Holy Symbol: A seven-pointed star, inverted
  • Favored Weapon:  Fail


His followers are known to express the virtue, "Give me what I want and I will go away. If you do not - I will kill you and then take what I want...and go away."

Holidays & Rituals

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Tursus: The Forge Master

Tursus is the dwarven manifestation for Malvoch.

Barg: Fire Under the Mountain

Barg is the beastial manifestation of Malvoch - shown to the Tauric races. He represents Strength and Fire.

Tresher: The Dark Emperor

Tresher is the military might of Malvoch, commonly shown to the Humans.

Malvoch: The Unmaker

Malvoch is the form shown to Orcs and is his preferred form.


Images of Malvoch

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