Holy Symbol
Important Information
Title The Spider in the Shadows, Elven
Rank Lesser God
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Dominion The Tower of Shadows
Alignment Lawful Evil
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Portfolio Assassination, Shadows, Darkness, Secrets
Worshipers Wizards, Assassins
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Domains Secrets, Shadows, Spiders
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Maltharius (pronounced mal-THER-e-us) is enigmatic deity of patience and control with an immense following amongst the Sunless Elves, the Malanari, and emerging within the Human and Halfling peoples.


  • Spider in the Shadows (Elf)
  • Shadow that Whispers (Halfling)
  • Prince of Secrets (Gnome)
  • Lord of Shadows (Human)


He is closely associated with the essence of Shadows (Darkness), Secrets (Scrying) and although he is known by his use of a spider in his symbol has no influence over them.

Sacred Items

  • Metal: Silver
  • Animal: Spider
  • Season: Autumn
  • Element: Earth
  • Prime Hour: Dusk
  • Holy Symbol: A silver spider on a black background.
  • Favored Weapon:  Sharn Dagger



The Maltharian Order was confined to the Malanari elves for many centuries, with only the occasional non-elf being touched by his influence.

Maltharius' cleric, who often multiclass as rogue or assassin, pray for spells at night, after moon rise. His church has few holy days, among them the date of his ascension to divinity. Crescent moons are considered holy, being accompanied by feasts, fervent prayers, and offerings.

Those Clerics who are called to serve Maltharius are called "Maltharians".

Known Followers:





Maltharius enjoys a modicum of respect for his patron, ???.


Maltharius the Mortal

Maltharius was born as one of the Malanari but somehow figured out the process of becoming a good. Rumor has it that he discovered the Grace of a deity (Shill) who fell during the War of the Burning Heavens and used the power within it to rise to that of an immortal. From that point he worked to increase his followers and, through their faith, became a deity. 

Maltharius the God

As a Lesser God, Maltharius' main focus is simply to build more followers thus allowing him to eventually become a greater god. Unfortunately since he ascended to the rank of God rather than was created as one, he was not immediately welcomed amongst the other Deities. Therefore he had find somewhere else to claim as his own realm. There was only one place that he felt was appropriate, the shadow realm - Umbara.

There he created the Tower of Shadows, the Malentor, that would be his home and from where he would watch the world of mortal-kind.


Patience is the first lesson.

Holidays & Rituals

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Images of the god of Shadows and Secrets.