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Holy Symbol
Important Information
Title The Watcher
Rank Lesser God
Servants None
Dominion Court of Light
Alignment Neutral (pre-silence) / Neutral Evil (post silence)
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Portfolio Death
Worshipers Companion, Musicians
Followers Alignment Neutral Evil, Neutral Good,
Domains Death, (pre-silence)
Allegiance Maltharius

Maladon is the god of death. Not to be feared or reviled, Death is a natural evolution of all living things. Prior to the Great Silence, the followers of Maladon, called the Black Brothers, were known in every village and town. It was this order, with their ashen skin and black robes, that cared for the dead, helped escort lost souls back to the home realms of their gods and who defended the crypts and graves during the rise of the Violet Moon



Maladon was looked at as a necessary function of society. He was neither loved or hated. 


After the Great Silence , Maladon was changed. His followers, charged with the holy mission to guard and escort the souls of the dead, were powerless during two Pale Moons. The graves and tombs, which had been kept safe from the pull of the moon for so many centuries before, now became spawning points for whole swarms of undead creatures. Many considered the attacking undead to be the fault of the Black Brothers who were now unable to defend them. 

It is said that Maladon, himself, died in the War of the Burning Heavens , but, as a God of Death, was able to resurect himself. The Maladon who returned from the grave was something different - something darker. Noting that his followers were hunted by the followers of Arn for their 'betrayal', Maladon turned from neutrality and embraced evil. 

Sacred Items

  • Metal: Iron
  • Animal: Crow
  • Season: Winter
  • Element: Earth
  • Prime Hour: Night
  • Holy Symbol: A skull in a circle of chain
  • Favored Weapon:  



Prior to the Great Silence, the predominant organization of Maladon's Followers (amongst the humans) is the Keepers of the Gate or as they are more widely known, The Black Brothers.

Post Silence

After the the Great Silence, those few followers who had survived the purge of their order became known as the Reapers of the Soul

Holidays & Rituals

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Some concepts of the Elder god of Death