Lizardfolk are primitive reptilian humanoids typically standing from six to seven feet (1.8 to 2.1m) tall

Physical Description

Their scales are normally dull, earthy colors such as green, brown, or gray.  They have a tail for balance, although they've also been known to use it for bludgeoning in combat. Tails usually measure three to four feet (0.9 to 1.2m) long. Typical weight is between 200 and 250 pounds (90 and 113 kg).  There are several species of lizardfolk however, and these can range from three-foot (0.9m) tall pygmies, to nine-foot (2.7m) tall giants.


Lizardfolk society is primarily patriarchal, with the strongest member normally in charge. Lizardfolk organize themselves into clan by their type. Those found within the lands of Kethess have established themselves into organized societies with the dominant caste at the top and each subsequent clan (type) filling a particular niche of their social heiarchy. 

Those lizardfolk found outside of Kethess still operate on a clan-like system of organization with the larger and more powerful males at the top and the weaker, younger males at the bottom. 

During the days of the Great Lizard Kingdom, the forces of the Sun King spread his rule out from beyond the Great Green Sea, going to war with the other of the Tauric races until they had been driven north - where the lizards could not operate because of the cold. 


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