Also known as: Snow Queen, Ice Queen

The Myth


The Lady of Frost is a mythic creature that frequents the lands of Arland each winter, gifting children with presents of sweets and toys if they have been good.

As the wife of the Lord of Winter, she is the benevolent counterpart to her husband's icy wrath. She is the force of good and plenty in the middle of winter, when the Lord of Winter's power is strongest. It is for only one night a year that she leaves her icy castle and in one night travels to the many houses of her subjects and bestows upon them gifts.

A common symbol made to encourage the Snow Queen to visit a house is to create a snow-guard (also called the Winter-Men) (snowmen) complete with spear, shield and helmet.

She rides through the the forest under the dark of the moon on her sleigh that's drawn by the two white stags, IceHoof and Frostmane.

She is remembered by the holiday poem, the Tale of Old Winter.

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