Kyson of Blackbriar
Important Information
Race Human
Ethnicity Marchfolk
Class Wizard
Faith Gizad
Date of Birth 863 KR, Dun 27
Date of Death ??? KR
Allegiance House of Alba
Residence Thornhaven
Family Jatham (Father)
Lynna (Mother)
Ewan (Eldest Brother)
Devon (Older Brother)
Friends Talik of Blackbriar
Moro Frogstalker

Kyson (KI-sun) of Blackbriar is a young novice wizard who serves the House of Alba in the small town of Thornhaven of the North Marches.


Nicholas Hoult playing Kyson.

Major Events

Kyson, "Ky", was born as the third son of a merchant-class family in 863 KR in the town of Blackbriar, a small village that lies to the north of Thornhaven. His two older brothers were content to learn their father's trade, carpentry, and live the life of a villager. Kyson, however, always had the urge to leave the village and pursue his dream of becoming a wizard.


  • Kyson taken as Apprentice: Taken by Daethen Firethorn  as his apprentice and ward. With Tethys severely injured in the attack, he would be in no shape to teach Kyson any true magic for quite a while. Tethys also wanted to distance Kyson from the House of Alba for fear of any reprisal after the death of Kyrean. 




  • No-No: No-No is a Green Whelp that Kyson was given by the Keeper of the Whelps at the Priory of Thornhaven, Brother Josen

Kyson's Possessions

Kyson, being a Commoner, did not have the funds to invest in his magical education. Most of his possessions come from either gifts or from his own ingenuity. 

See also:

In-Game Character

Kyson's spells:

For the spells that Kyson knows and for the spells that he's created.


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