A listing of the High Kings of the Kels.

Those who rule all of the Kingdoms of the Kels at once are said to sit upon the Golden Throne. The Golden Throne may reside in any of the Kels and has done so as each of the High Kings has claimed the Throne for themselves in times of great need. It is rare for a king of the Kels to be able to convince the other rulers to abide by their authority outside times of near total war - when the human kingdoms are threatened by a commone foe.

Each of the High Kings is known by a monicre of sorts; a title to describe what kind of rulership they had while sitting upon the Golden Throne. There has been a Mage king, a Horse King, the Azure Queen, etc.

High Kings of the Kels

Mage King

HR 5001

Horse King

HR 5087

Azure Queen

HR 5232

Dragon King

HR 5395

Sun King

5529 HR

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