Kel Nord
The seal of Kel Nord
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Region Sentinel Sea
Capital Kel Arn
Demonym Nordi
Population  ???
Humans 85%
Half-elves 10%
Elves 4%
Other 1%
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Imports Glass, ivory, spices
Exports Armor, carved ivory, cloth, coal, food, swords, timber
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Kel Nord is the northern most Kel along the Sentinel Sea. Though technically not on the Western Coast, the Kel sits at the center of a cluster of islands called the Grey Islands which is at the northern most point of the Sentinal Sea.

Kel Nord is the iron-producing capital of the Kels though it lacks many resources such as timber and food stocks. This has lead to a vast trading network of cargo ships that run up and down the western coast of the Sentinel Sea sending timber, coal and food in exchange for the iron and steel from the grey islands foundaries.

Eventually, needing much greater resources than could be exported to Kel Nord within a timely manner, the nobles of the Kel set up a colony along the eastern shores of the Sentinal Sea to provide them with additional timber and supplies. That colony grew and eventually became the Barony of Northshield.

The ancestral rulers of Kel Nord, the House of Mordu , have been called the 'Bear Kings' since Kel Nord's Founding. 

Important Dates:

  • 154 KR : The first colony is established within the Grey Islands, it was called simply 'Izen ' a word in old Arness that means Iron.
  • 168 KR : The colony is quickly expanded to that of a town due to the increased trade in resources.
  • 189 KR : The town of Izen continues to expand and small settlements are made on the surrounding islands.
  • 226 KR : Kel Nord is dedicated as a City-State of the Kels. 


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Known Citizens

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