A wide-belly Kala, typically used by the Lowlanders of the Riverlands.

A type of curved, long-dagger commonly found within the lands of Kess. The 'Kala' used as both a tool and as a weapon within Kessian society and is owned by most people, both men and women. The blade's distinctive forward drop is intended to act as a weight on the end of the blade and make the Kala fall on the target faster and with more power when thrown.



Kala Blade

The Kala is effective as both a chopping and a slashing weapon. In combat, it is basically used in three different styles: stabbing with the point, slashing or chopping with the edge, and (occasionally) throwing. Because the blade bends towards the opponent, the user need not angle the wrist, which makes it more comfortable as a stabbing weapon than other straight-bladed knives. Its heavy blade enables the user to inflict deep wounds and to cut through muscle and bone.


The kala is most effective at chopping and is commonly used to chop through a number of materials such as wood, bone and the like.