Jaryth Argen
Important Information
Race Human
Ethnicity Arness, Silverhair
Class Wizard
Faith Gizad
Date of Birth 833 KR
Date of Death ??? KR
Heirloom Argodrakon
Allegiance House of Aragon
Residence Drakenfell
Family Aya Norello(wife)
Tyrel Argen(brother)
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Born as the second son to Lord Jorah Argen of the House of Argen in the fall of 833 KR, Jaryth was born to the Silverhair bloodline and became one of the first wizard to achieve the rank of Magus of the House.

He was also one of the first magi to befriend a Blue Dragon, a female named Hycentha,  earning him the name "Azuni " amongst the Dragonkind. Jaryth is also the leader of the Lorekeepers Cabal. 


As of the Conclave of Highward in 880 KR, Jaryth was a March Lord on the path to becoming a Baron

Major Events



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